The Western League is an Independent Professional Winter Baseball in the United States beginning January 2019. The League will consist of five weeks of games and one weeking of Training Camp. The Western League is classified as Independent Professional Baseball all players are paid. The league will be completed before MLB Spring Training Report Date and will allow players to showcase themselves to be signed or resigned by Minor League Baseball Teams.

Training Camp will occur from January 24-30. Regular season will begin January 31.

The Western League will be based in Bakersfield, California with the possiblity of teams in Arizona and Las Vegas. Bakersfield is centrally located in California and accessible via many airports including LAX. The primary stadium will be Sam Lynn Ballpark.

Player Information:
The Western League is open to all players who are 18 and over and trying to get signed into affliated minor league baseball. The Western League will have scouts from Major League Baseball, Liga Mexicana Baseball, American Association (Independent), CanAM League (Independent), Pecos League (Independent). The League will hold a league wide tryout camp from January 24-January 30 in Bakersfield. There will be no one day tryout camps for the Western League. Players who wish to play must attend Training Camp. There will be a draft on January 30 and Opening Day will be January 31.

Contact Information:
Phone: 661-520-1714
Address: Sam Lynn Ballpark 4009 Chester Avenue Bakersfield, California